My name is Vladislav Ivanov!

I am 44 and I was born and raised among the mountains, and I love them with all my heart. Gorny-Altai for me is the homeland of my ancestors, here in the village of Manzherok my father, grandfathers and great-grandfathers were born.

My hobbies are skiing and car sports. I worked as referee at the Olympic Games, World Cups, Asian Cup, Paralympic World Cup. Driving skills honed in the region kart racing team. Driving experience since 15 years (almost 30 years).

Now I have become a self-employed entrepreneur and personally offer my services of a guide-instructor to travel agencies and hotels. Cooperation takes place under the "car rental agreement with the crew." Cashless payment.

In my work I use the reliable Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2015. For lovers of comfort - the car has additional triple noise isolation, Alcantra seats and road tires, which allows you to almost completely ignore external noise when moving. Installed HEPA anti-allergenic filter cabin, daily wet cleaning. There are 220v sockets, air conditioning and a good acoustic system, through which a very high-quality and pleasant audio guide in Altai will tell the history of the region, ethnic group and geographical information. You will see and hear what you see!


I speak a little English (Pre-Intermediate). Without bad habbits :)


PS Ski instructor with higher and special education!

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Somewhere I already saw this guy! )))

This photo with me has already become a meme in the world of skiing.

It is used by alpine skiing stars, popular accounts and brands of ski equipment.

During this time, the photo collected more than 1 million likes on Instagram alone.

Video from the route in Altai

Photos of attractions from the routes in Altai

Part of the photo was taken from Yandex

Novosibirsk - Gorno-Altaysk

Phone: +7 (913) 916 72 32 WhatsApp

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